Atma Prema Wellbeing Group

We are a global provider of Corporate Wellbeing & Personal Development Programs whose primary resource is to provide corporations, and individuals, with emotional wellbeing through specific programs; focusing on anxiety and burnout prevention through resources that create permanent positive behavioral changes in each individual.

Atma Prema Meditations

Curated Personal Wellbeing Journeys

We have curated personal wellbeing journeys for you. Each one is created for your emotional wellbeing and a deepening inner experience.

Our workshop series are based on general themes. Under each category, we have short workshops that culminate with a Retreat. Stay tuned!!

You have the option to curate this personal wellbeing journey on your own by taking the classes individually or with any combination of the workshops. You can also choose to take all.



The Self-love Solution Program


VIRTUAL RETREAT: The Art of Purposeful Living with Nathan Alba: June 11-12, 2021